Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering education has become pivotal in establishing a competitive posture across the entire spectrum of Metal working and Manufactured parts' industry in Pakistan. Both the reality and perception of domestic production points to the need for a stronger, more productive manufacturing industry in this country producing high quality products at low cost. In view of the fast changing technology and scenario the University started this separate Department. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering spans a broad spectrum of engineering topics such as;

  1. Computer Aided Design (CAD),
  2. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM),
  3. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM),
  4. Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS),
  5. Robotics &Automation; Product Design,
  6. Tools and Machines,
  7. Manufacturing Processes,
  8. Additive Manufacturing,
  9. Quality Engineering,
  10. Operations Management,
  11. Maintenance Management,
  12. Supply Chain Management (SCM),
  13. Modeling and Simulation of Manufacturing & Production,
  14. Operations and Economics Analysis.

Scheme Of Studies