Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

Lab(s) Of Course(s) Conducted in the Lab.

Health Safety and Environment (IM-417)

List Of Equipment (No. of each type)

First aid Box (01)
Smoke Detector (01)
Fire Fighting Suit (01)
CNC Machining Center(01)
Natural Gas Sensor (01)

Nature of Experiments

Demonstrating of use of Safety equipment, alarm and fire fighting

Lab Manual 

Instructor: S. Rashid Ahmed (BE – Industrial Engineering), Asst. Workshop Superintendent

Lab: Safety

  1. To Study the Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE).
  2. To Study various Safety Precautions in a Typical Welding Shop.
  3. To Study The Safety Precautions on a floor.
  4. To Study the First Aid and its importance in the industry.
  5. To Study various injuries and the use of Standard.