Tool Design

Tool Design

Lab(s) Of Course(s) Conducted in the Lab.


List Of Equipment (No. of each type)

Injection Moulding M/C(01)
Power Press 25T (01)
Injection Molding Dies(06)
Sheet-metal Die Sets(04)
Bending Press (01)
Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine (01)

Nature of Experiments

Hands-on Observations from Die Sets, Demonstration of Injection Moulding,Power Press and Bending Press.

Lab Instructor

Dr. Muhammad Wasif, Assistant Professor

Tool Design Manual

  1. To study the blanking die for motor cycle clamp.
  2. To study the function of compound dies.
  3. To Study the working of power press.
  4. To Study of Progressive Dies and sketch it.
  5. To Study tool steel alloys and their defects.