Metrology & Gauging

Metrology & Gauging

Lab(s) Of Course(s) Conducted in the Lab.

IM-213 Metrology and Quality Control

List Of Equipment (No. of each type)

Portable Surface Roughness Tester (01)
Counter Measurement System Roundness Tester
Dial Test Indicator (01)
Groove Micrometer (04)
Vernier Height Gauge Range 300mm (02)
Long Range Dial Indicator (02)

Nature of Experiments

Hands-on Practical Session and Demonstration

Lab Instructor

 Mr. Ali Zulqarnain, Assistant Professor

Lab Manual: Metrology & Gauging


  1. Study of the components of Vernier Caliper, type of measurements that can be taken and causes of error in measurement.
  2. To take readings by a Vernier Caliper with repeatability of various specimen, and make chart.
  3. To Study the Micrometer and its use also explain measuring principle.
  4. To determine the angularity of work piece surface with universal bevel protractor, also make up the following angles 1.88ο 10`  2.63 ο 15`  3.38 ο 0`  4.17 ο 45` 5. 10 ο35`  6.0 ο15`
  5. To study of block Gauges, also to assemble for building up a dimension 37.975 mm, 43.905    mm, & 59.725 mm, from the set M47/1.
  6. Use of Dial Indicator for checking, tolerances roundness, evenness, parallelism, and eccentricity.
  7. To study the Projection Method of checking and “Checking Magnification Accuracy” by using the profile Projector.
  8. To Study of Surface Testing Instrument and Principle of Surf Test.
  9. To Implement 7 Step method.
  10. To Implement Tools of Quality control.
  11. To Construct control chart using software.
  12. To Implement control chart.
  13. To Study the procedure of single sampling plan.
  14. To Study the procedure of double and Multiple sampling plan.
  15. To study and apply process capability analysis.